AI involves machines that can perform tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence. Machine learning is simply a way of achieving AI. Deep learning is one of many approaches to machine learning. Reinforcement learning is another approach to machine learning.



1. Staffing changes also need to be processed through the “Integrated Change Control” process.

2. The purpose of the status meetings is to exchange information about the project.

3. When communicating, non-verbal communication usually accounts for 55% of spoken conversation.

4. The Cynefin Framework

5. An activity with a duration 0 days is a Milestone.

6. Casual estimation

7. Quality control limits are generally +/- 3 sigma.

8. Rework costs 25-50% of budgeted cost.

9. Project risk categories include technical, project management, organizational and external.

10. Marginal Analysis: where the benefits from improving quality equal the costs to achieve that quality.

11. Analysis of an out-of-control situation occurs in Perform Quality Control and usually results in a change request to implement a corrective action.

12. Defect repair is considered rework.