Design Sprint – Udacity

Module 1

  1. Expert Interviews
  2. Setting the long term Goals and Sprint Questions
  3. Creation of the Map and Target


1. Expert Interviews

Let the expert talk, describe problems while the rest of the sprint team takes notes in the HMW format. HMW stands for How Might We. The sprint team writes down open ended questions starting with How might we <want to solve A>, without directing towards a specific solution.

HMW make people return the bikes to the pick-up stations.
HMW get another revenue stream out of the current service.
HMW motivate the users to use the service instead of using public transportation.
HMW make sure people understand the benefit of using the service.
HMW make sure there will be a scooter close to the users when they need it.
HMW increase the number of users.

Create some high level categories and place all HMWs under different categories.

Next, each team member votes on HMWs.

Prioritize the HMWs based on the votes received.


2. Setting the long term Goals and Sprint Questions

Each member writes what the product looks like 2 years from now in the most optimistic way possible (everything worked out as planned).


  1. In 2 years, Ooup will be the most popular and comprehensive scooter rental service in the world.
  2. In 2 years, Ooup will be famously known as the world’s most profitable scooter service.
  3. In 2 years, Ooup will have scooters in over 1,000 cities.


Next, each member writes 3 questions that might stop the long term goal from happening.


Module 2

It’s about creating solutions for problems identified in Module 1.

1. Lightning Demos – find three inspirations that are solving the same problems

2. Four Part Sketching

2.1 Note taking – Write down things we have come up with so far like Long-term goal, three questions, inspirations, etc.

2.2 Sketching – Turn your ideas into something tangible.

2.3 Crazy 8’s – Draw 8 different screens.

2.4 Final Concept – A 3-part concept visual.

Final Submission for Day 1: p1-the-concept-ishmeetsingh


Module 3

  1. Heatmap Voting – Team members vote on ideas or pieces of ideas.
  2. Presentation of Concepts – Present the concepts to the team members
  3. Straw Poll – Final vote on a concept or a part of a concept
  4. Decider Voting – The decider votes for the final concept(s)

Module 4

  1. User Flow map – Write down 6 steps the user will follow to test the concept
  2. Storyboard
    1. Draw 10 empty cells
    2. Place test steps one in each cell
    3. Draw screens in each cell


Module 5 & 6

Create a high-fidelity prototype.

Module 7