30 days- concentrate on getting to know your PEOPLE.

– Figure out dynamics, how the environment functions. Understand the culture or the organization

– What people do, what are their roles, skills, structures, who are the key partners and stakeholders

– Observe how people interact and the inter and intra- departmental politics

– Built Trust and strategic partnerships

– Set up 1:1, participate in team meetings, cross-department meetings

– Find who are the real influencers within the organization

60 days- concentrate on getting to know your PRODUCT.

– Understand your product (manufacturing, conception, how the products fit together, etc)

– Understand your market (competition, market advantage, current situation, challenges)

– Understand your clients (who is your audience, how do the products fit in the lives)

– Sync cross functionally to align expectations

– Understand customer segments and value proposition

90 days- concentrate on getting to know your PROCESSES.

– Process around project management and product management.

– Understand the communication processes of the organization

– Enhancement of technical, organizational and intra-personal processes, including budgeting, hiring, resource/change/performance management,

– Understand how things work and how to make them better (how divisions relate to each other and how to improve synergies).