12 Steps Business Case Development

Benefits of a Vision:
1. motivate you and your team
2. know when it is appropiate to write a business case
3. a selling tool

Benefits of writing a Business Case:
1. gain control of resources
2. calculate the potential benefits of the project
3. simplify the development of the financial justification
4. provide a consistent message to many audiences
5. share and organize thoughts, activities, and knowledge


Business Case Use:
1. defines a problem or opportunity
2. convince the decision makers
3. serves as a project blueprint


Business Case Functions:
1. describe the problem or opportunity facing the company
2. what will happen if the project is not implemented
3. how the project will address the issue
4. how the project will be implemented
5. resources required to implement the project


Supporting Decision Making:
– compare proposed projects
– clarify complex information
– make an objective decision


Business Case Elements:
1. Background
2. Executive Summary
3. Situational assessment and Problem assessment
4. Project description
5. Solution description
6. Cost and Benefit Analysis
7. Implementation timeline
8. Critical assumptions and Risk assessment
9. Conclusions and recommendations
10. Marketing Components
– research plan
– project features and benefits
– the creative plan
– the marketing communications plan
– the sales plan